Subject/object releasement predicaments

Is the body that is bound before us the object or the subject? Is it the object of our subjective gaze, or are we the viewers subjected to the attraction of this shiny body? Are we bound by our attention, curiosity and the feelings that may arise? Maybe temporarily these notions fall away and there is just play and interplay? Can there be a release from Cartesian thinking into something more primal as Martin Heidegger once suggested?

A person in some form of bondage can find liberation by sinking deeper into the body, by letting go of thoughts and embracing wholly the experience. This can be physical bondage but also a rather virtual kind: e.g. by being drawn into a captivating movie or game. The visual and aural cues can elicit visceral physical reactions. Of course, that type of experience is less incarnated than a physical predicament.
A similar and more subtle process could arise when confronted with a lively presence of a bound body. In such an instance, through attunement and other modes of attention, the embodied imagination of the artist gets revived and complemented by the moving eyes, body and imagination of the viewer.

In contrast to the Reflecting Ambiguities series, these sculptures delve into more explicit imagery associated with BDSM and the world of fetishes.


more to come…!

Pre-bake snapshots