First comic strips of many to come

The past three months I have been working hard on elevating my drawing skills and working out an efficient work ethic.
I did this while creating three comic strip pages for an upcoming publication by the Pari Center (Italy), where last Summer I attended a conference in remembrance of David Bohm and David Peat, two fascinating scientists that touched the hearts of many.
These comic strips,ย  largely focused on science, philosophy, metaphysics and spirituality will be part of a project called “Looming Perspectives”.

(click for full size)
A mobile-friendly version (cut in separate panels) can be found on the website or on my Instagram profile. There are a couple of beginner’s mistakes but i think i nailed it fairly well :).ย  Due to the printing constraints the pages were limited to a smaller size and a black and white layout. As an experiment, i did a digital monochrome version in blue of the last strip.
Future work will be in color mostly.
I also worked out translations in dutch, to get some local outreach.

Also coming up is a more accessible comic project called “Wind sun clouds”, which will be published in the coming months on a regular basis through the website, Instagram and other social media.
These strips will of course also be published from time to time to this newsletter.

+ I recently took the liberty of adding a couple of people to this mailing list (sorry if you feel annoyed by this, only your first name and email address are stored in Mailchimp and are not shared with third parties, and you can unsubscribe at any time via the link below).

Stay tuned, and much love!

More info on the wonderful Pari Center and its events and publications:

P.S.: as an extra, a recent experiment in clay


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