“Essences of the erotic” expo

After a long pause and a period of inner work we are back on the art scene…!
Saturday June 15th a selection of our ceramic sculptures will be exhibited and for sale at the Subspace gallery/concept store in Brussels.

Essences of the erotic

Sculpting from both an inner, felt sense and from an outer, aesthetic sense, Sky creates depictions of intimacy within the body and between bodies, starting from her own body-as-subject and embodied imagination. The body (and its so-called unconscious) as the primary artist as it were.

This radical erotic art is inherently inscendental, meaning there is a potential fall-off in distance between the engaged viewer and the viewed figuration. This visceral connection is achieved by a subtle interplay of naturalist and abstract elements and the subsequent tensions, drawing in the viewer to fill in gaps and opening up a meditative space to look, sense and discover more.

Accordingly, these works are an appeal against interpretation and against intellectual analysis. They are explorations of essential aspects of the erotic: the spiritual, the mysterious, the relational, the sensual,… Their presence and directness speak more than any explanation could.

Each piece is part of a sculpture series, with each series exploring different themes and sensibilities, hence the variety in form and content.

Subspace: https://www.subspace-bxl.be
Rue Lebeau 13 • 1000 Brussels

Info on the sculptures: Sculpture series

Essenties van het erotische

Door te beeldhouwen vanuit zowel een innerlijke, gevoelde betekenis als vanuit een uiterlijk, esthetisch gevoel, creëert Sky afbeeldingen van intimiteit binnen het lichaam en tussen lichamen, vertrekkend van haar eigen lichaam-als-subject en belichaamde verbeelding. Het lichaam (en zijn zogenaamde onbewuste) als de primaire kunstenaar als het ware.

Deze radicale erotische kunst is inherent inscendent, d.w.z. dat de afstand tussen de geëngageerde kijker en de bekeken figuratie kan wegvallen. Deze diepere verbinding wordt verwezenlijkt door een subtiel samenspel van naturalistische en abstracte elementen en de daaruit voortkomende spanningen, waardoor de kijker wordt meegezogen om lacunes op te vullen en er meditatieve ruimte ontstaat om meer te kijken, te voelen en te ontdekken.

Deze werken zijn dan ook een oproep tegen interpretatie en tegen intellectuele analyse. Het zijn verkenningen van essentiële aspecten van het erotische: het spirituele, het mysterieuze, het relationele, het sensuele,… Hun presence en directheid vertellen meer dan welke verklaring ook zou kunnen.

Elk beeldje maakt deel uit van een sculptuurreeks, waarbij elke reeks verschillende thema’s en gevoeligheden onderzoekt, vandaar de verscheidenheid in vorm en inhoud.

Subspace: https://www.subspace-bxl.be
Rue Lebeau 13 • 1000 Brussels

Info over de sculpturen: Keramische sculpturen

Essences de l’érotique

Sculptant à la fois un sens intérieur et ressenti et un sens extérieur et esthétique, Sky crée des représentations de l’intimité au sein du corps et entre les corps, à partir de son propre corps-en-tant-que-sujet et de son imagination incarnée. Le corps (et son soi-disant inconscient) en quelque sorte est l’artiste principal.

Cet art érotique radical est intrinsèquement inscendantal, ce qui signifie qu’il existe une diminution potentielle de la distance entre le spectateur engagé et la figuration vue. Cette connexion viscérale est obtenue par un jeu subtil d’éléments naturalistes et abstraits et des tensions qui en résultent, incitant le spectateur à combler les lacunes et ouvrant un espace méditatif pour regarder, ressentir et découvrir davantage.

Ces travaux constituent donc un appel contre l’interprétation et contre l’analyse intellectuelle. Ce sont des explorations d’aspects essentiels de l’érotisme : le spirituel, le mystérieux, le relationnel, le sensuel,… Leur présence et leur franchise parlent plus que n’importe quelle explication.

Chaque pièce fait partie d’une série de sculptures, chaque série explorant différents thèmes et sensibilités, d’où la variété de forme et de contenu.

Subspace: https://www.subspace-bxl.be
Rue Lebeau 13 • 1000 Brussels

Infos sur les sculptures: Sculpture series

The contexting essay & “Wind Sun clouds” comic strips

Putting out newsletters is not my forte…!
Here are some updates:

In May of last year I was given the opportunity by the wonderful people at Pari Center to give a presentation about my “Wind Sun Clouds” comic strip project, which is in fact an attempt to combine a form of meditation and Bohm dialogue with the art of short comic strips. Sometimes a page is funny, sometimes it is not.
>>> YouTube link

Make sure you also check out the other two presentations from that Zoom session!
For those who missed them on social media, here are some of my oldies (also mentioned in the presentation):

Last year I also published my first essay on my philosophy of “contexting” or “active context”. It involves a process-based, holistic and organic worldview.
You can read it here: https://ontoscopy.net/contexting-a-challenging-perspective
Warning: it is quite dense, and the ideas have underwent some refining. A second version is becoming imminent…
+ The past months I have been doing more research to link with existing theories or views from different domains that fit into the holistic worldview that I am trying to unfold.

Currently I am in the middle of producing new artwork – comic strips, ceramic sculptures and free work in various media – more inspired by my philosophical explorations and with the intention to create new visual orders and to infuse more spontaneity and liveliness in the pictures.


First comic strips of many to come

The past three months I have been working hard on elevating my drawing skills and working out an efficient work ethic.
I did this while creating three comic strip pages for an upcoming publication by the Pari Center (Italy), where last Summer I attended a conference in remembrance of David Bohm and David Peat, two fascinating scientists that touched the hearts of many.
These comic strips,  largely focused on science, philosophy, metaphysics and spirituality will be part of a project called “Looming Perspectives”.

(click for full size)
A mobile-friendly version (cut in separate panels) can be found on the website or on my Instagram profile. There are a couple of beginner’s mistakes but i think i nailed it fairly well :).  Due to the printing constraints the pages were limited to a smaller size and a black and white layout. As an experiment, i did a digital monochrome version in blue of the last strip.
Future work will be in color mostly.
I also worked out translations in dutch, to get some local outreach.

Also coming up is a more accessible comic project called “Wind sun clouds”, which will be published in the coming months on a regular basis through the website, Instagram and other social media.
These strips will of course also be published from time to time to this newsletter.

+ I recently took the liberty of adding a couple of people to this mailing list (sorry if you feel annoyed by this, only your first name and email address are stored in Mailchimp and are not shared with third parties, and you can unsubscribe at any time via the link below).

Stay tuned, and much love!

More info on the wonderful Pari Center and its events and publications:

P.S.: as an extra, a recent experiment in clay


02018, it is now or never…!!

First of all, i wish all of you a healthy and prosperous new year.
My two long-announced comic strip projects will finally get launched, meaning very, very soon, so stay tuned!!!

NY card (0217 – “Imaginary Snaaskerke landscape with heron” brush + ink & watercolor)

Cartoons inspired by Frans Masereel

Past Summer Mu.Zee Oostende, in the light of their Frans Masereel exhibition,  had organized a cartoon contest on Instagram. I sent in 3 entries (and a 4th one after the final deadline) but probably due to the minor exposure and the low feedback their promised prizes evaporated.
Activist art and capitalism don’t mix well apparently… :)

Link: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/muzeecartoon/

Work in progress + newsletter test

Since January i have been working on new material for two upcoming comic strip projects: “Wind Sun Clouds” and “Looming Perspectives”. As i had not drawn extensively for about ten years, it takes a while before my artistic faucet runs properly again.
I am running a few weeks behind schedule, but it is coming, slowly but surely… :)

This post is also the final test to see if the newsletter and social media integrations work as expected.

More to come very soon!!

Major site updates!


02015 quick oil pastel sketch

Aside from minor layout & content changes and added links, two new comic strip projects are in the pipeline…

It is also very probable that i will make most pages multilingual soon (in English & Dutch for starters).

A newsletter and enhanced RSS syndication are on their way as well :).