Artistic & philosophical foundations

A lot of what I do artistically and philosophically is inspired by the work of David Bohm.

My life philosophy of contexting/active context is the most clear example of this, both in content and the choosing of the name. It is a practical, down-to-earth extension to the quintessential notion of holoflux/holomovement, and a diametrical approach to Bohm’s implicate and explicate order.

The concept of inscendence came up to explicate how to move closer to a lived reality of contexting, and is closely tied to the notion of generative imagination, which in turn is linked to generative order (Bohm & Peat). All of my artwork is moving more explicitly and consciously toward the inscendental, i.e. more participative, visceral and lively pictures and forms.
Bohm also emphasized the infinite richness of nature. My not having a fixed style is an expression and an acknowledgment of exactly that: I bring out the holofluxian aspects that speak the most to me within a given context. I like to have as much creative freedom as possible, by going deep and wide.

The explicit notion of phorography as a countermovement to lens-based art is both a wordplay and a term derived from Basil Hiley’s use of “phoronometry” in the context of quantum physics.

In order not to get lost in fantastical imagination and the mental realm in general I consider the body and embodiment to be of the utmost importance to stay grounded and balanced, and to nurture a rich, personal imagination that contains and reveals more universal meanings. I have some experience in several types of body work, but kiko/qi gong and yoga I am most familiar with up till now.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that in my work I try to incorporate the spirit of Bohm Dialogue. This is best showcased in many of my “Wind Sun Clouds” comic strips, where I am holding polarities and trying to put forward relevant questions.