Let Charlie be Charlie

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Around 2005 i aspired to be a professional cartoonist, but in the end, i realized i did not want to spend my time commenting on the daily sensations in the news. It is all too easy to shock or offend…
Several times in the past i have browsed through Charlie Hebdo, and the magazine never appealed to me – too childish and too rancid – ย so i don’t feel like identifying with its authors after the tragic events of this week.
Freedom of speech has to be defended, no doubt, but i am not Charlie. Let Charlie be Charlie.

In the end, the numerous good-hearted teachers, social assistants, even religious figures with authority in the impoverished neighbourhoods have done more for democracy than a couple of shocking cartoonists. Community organizers and friendly open-minded people are the real unsung heroes.

It is easy to divide people. Connecting and finding common ground is the real challenge.